"Our recycled glass is primarily used as alternative daily cover at regional landfills."

-Zero Waste D.C.

  • All community members get a FREE custom bin. Simply place your clean glass in the blue bin—no sorting needed!

  • You'll receive a reminder 24 hours before pickup. Just place your bin out by the curb for us to collect.

  • We take care of the rest! We do all the heavy lifting, ensuring your glass gets fully recycled for a second life.

  • Hassle Free Recycling

    We pride ourselves in making our service as simple as possible, letting you get back to doing what you want to do.

  • Communication First

    Great communication definetly isn't the norm in waste managment, but it's something we prioritize. We ensure thorough communication through both text and email reminders.

  • 28% isn't enough

    Just 28% of American waste gets recycled – a number we're determined to boost. Join us to significantly raise that percentage.

Where does it go?

We take the glass to Purple Bins and local shops to be either recycled or reused. The glass taken to the purple bins can be further processed to be recycled into new bottles, and the glass taken to local environmental grocery stores can be cleaned and reused to soon hold food again!

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