Local Student

My name is Sam and I'm the owner and operator of GIass Goat. I was born and raised in Fairfax County and currently live in Annandale. I’m currently a senior at Falls Church High School, where I’m an active three seasons athlete and part of several student organizations. This place has always been my home, and wherever I go in the future, I know I will always love it here.


I've always been interested in business. When I was seven years old, I took my family's garden vegetables and sold them door to door to my neighbors. Over the past eight years, I have been running a small lawn care business. I started by mowing a few of my neighbor's lawns for the first few years. Last year, we had over 40 lawn-mowing customers, and I could employ 12 of my friends part-time. When I stumbled upon the issue of glass not being picked up for recycling, I knew I could help. This venture not only offered a unique business opportunity, but it also allowed me to create a service that contributes positively to people's lives, and the environment.

Future Plans

As I build this business, I hope to make an impact on our community and make positive gains for glass recycling. I want to continue learning and exploring by furthering my education. I’m planning on attending university in the fall. No matter where I am, I'll continue to look for unique ways to serve my community.